International Conference on
Nonlinear Science and Complexity

August 5-10, 2024, Yibin, Sichuan, China

This conference will provide a place to exchange recent developments, discoveries, and progress on Nonlinear Dynamics and Complexity. The aims of the conference are to present the fundamental and frontier theories and techniques for modern science and technology; to stimulate more research interest for exploration of nonlinear science and complexity; and to directly pass the new knowledge to the young generation, engineers and technologists in the corresponding fields.

The symposium will focus on the recent developments, findings, and progress on fundamental theories and principles, analytical and symbolic approaches, computational techniques in nonlinear physical science and nonlinear mathematics. Topics of interest in Nonlinear Dynamics and Complexity include but not limited to

  • Nonlinear classical and fractional differential equations and applications
  • Modeling of nonlinear processes in biology, oceanography, and other areas
  • Nonlinear dynamics and engineering nonlinearity
  • Discontinuous dynamical systems and control 
  • Synchronization and chaos control
  • Neurodynamics and brain dynamics
  • Social dynamics and complexity
  • Switching systems with impulses
  • Data-driven dynamical systems
  • Mathematical methods in artificial intelligence

Plenary Speakers

René Lozi
University Côte d’azur, France

Arkady Pikovsky
University of Potsdam, Germany

Alexander Pisarchik
The Technical University of Madrid, Spain

Sergey Prants
Pacific Oceanological Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia


  • Nonlinear Dynamics and Complexity
  • Complexity Theory, Mathematical Sciences and Applied Complexity Science
  • Fractional Calculus in Complex and Nonlinear Systems
  • Solitons and Other Localized Structures in Physical and Mathematical Sciences
  • Geometric methods in mechanics and control
  • Lie Group Analysis and Its Applications to Real World Problems
  • Discontinuous Dynamical Systems and Control
  • Discrete Fractional Calculus and its Applications
  • Integral Transforms and Their Applications in Non-linear Dynamics
  • Nonlinear Dynamics in Fluid and Combustion
  • Testing and Identification of Mechatronic Systems with Nonlinearties
  • Nonlinear Models and Control of Biological Systems
  • Nonlinear Dynamics of Engineering Systems
  • Theory and Applications in Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
  • Nonlinear Behavior Analyses and Diagnoses of Engineering Problem
  • Simulation on Nonlinear Mechanical Behaviour of Aircraft Structural Response/Aerothermodynamics
  • Nonlinear Dynamics and Network Science in Intelligent Systems


To promote research and development in nonlinear science and engineering fields, Nonlinear Dynamics and Complexity conference series set four awards

  • Lagrange Award (2008-present)

  • G.M. Zaslavsky Award (2010-present)

  • V. Afraimovich Award (2020-present)

  • C.S. Hsu Award (2020-present)